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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stefon starts 1st grade!!

Since Stefon started 1st grade on Wed. he just had an orientation to learn all about 1st grade since they are moving from half day to all day. Stefon was so excited to go since he got Daxtons teacher from last year. Both he and I are very happy about this because she is AMAZING! After the orientation Stefon an I went on a little date. He choose to go to Sonic and had a hot dog, fries and a milk shake... complete opposite of his brother ;). Then he also picked to go to Nicklecade to play the games and get prizes. It was alot of fun. Thursday we went to  school for his first day of  all day school to say I was nervous is a understatement. To my surprise he had a awesome day and came home all excited about what he had done and all of the friends he already had made. Such a sweet kid. I cant believe he is growing up so stinking fast. I love him so much. Hes our silly kid and is always making us laugh. Here's to hoping his 1st grade year is as great as Daxtons. Time flies by so fast!


Alesha said...

Your boys are only a year apart in school? That is fun for them! When you have a good teacher it is awesome if you can keep em! We have got to get our kiddos together to play sometime. They are SO close in age. What track are you on?

Jennie said...

He is such a cute kid. what a fun little date! I love having one on one time. Good luck to Stefon this year, sounds like its going to be a great one!

Ashley said...

What a cute boy! What a fun thing to do with your boys before school starts!

The Hammonds said...

Cant believe our boys are starting 1st grade already!!!!

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