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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fishing Fun!!

This weekend we took the boys up to Wyoming for their first fishing trip! Layne's brother lives up there and it was his birthday this week so it was time for celebrating. The kids had so much fun!! They never got bored, didn't fight they were just content being out in the wilderness, seeing all of the wild life and most importantly catching some fish!! We went up Friday night and headed home earlier today. Both Daxton and Stefon caught their first fish!! Landon caught one to but it was to small so we had to set him free. It was nice being away for a bit from the hustle and bustle. Being out in the wilderness always brings my mind to thinking about life. I am so grateful for this life that I have. All though its not perfect its pretty amazing and I need to remember more often how truly lucky I am. The kids helped me find some sticks and we wrote out Kaels initials so that we could have a little taste of him on this mini getaway as well. It was a special weekend pack full of fun memories made. I'm grateful for the opportunities to build such memories. I love my little family with my whole heart!


Alesha said...

Awe I totally need to take my boys fishing. Looks like such a fun time with a fam full of boys! :)

Jennie said...

What a blast!! Fun pics. Growing up, fishing with my dad- if you caught the fish, you had to gut it... totally ruined fishing for me! haha. Maybe I will have to try it again... that is if Jared agrees to do all the dirty work.
Looks like a great trip!

Ashley said...

Looks like a blast. You and your boys are so cute! You are such a great momma to go fishin' with them...that is one thing I haaaaaate doing :)

The Hammonds said...

How fun! Its so nice getting away!!

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