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Monday, June 11, 2012

Zoo Trip

Holy cow I cant believe this school year is almost over! I think I may have said that a time or two already but really, really I cant believe it. On Thursday Stefons class had their field trip to the Hogle Zoo.  We rode the bus there, stopped at a park to have lunch first then off to the zoo we went. I was in charge of 6 kids.. now I know that's not alot but when you are responsible for some one else's kids and your at a CROWDED zoo it is a bit stressful. None the less we had a blast. We visited the new exhibits which had otters, sea lions and polar bears it also had brown bears. Stefon was dying to see th polar bears and they were so entertaining!! He was doing flips in the water and playing with his food bowls it was so entertaining. We all had a blast, everyone came out alive and seemes to enjoy themselves. When we got back I took Stefon on a mini date to get a slushy from Sonic because it was so stinking HOT!! We had such a fun time and I am so glad I was able to go! I love spending time with my kiddos and being part of their education! 2 more weeks and its officially summer... I cant believe both boys will be in all day school... time sure flies when your having fun!!


Tesha said...

HOW FUN! You are such a good mamma to all your boys.

The Hammonds said...

Looks like fun!! I cant believe our boys are pretty much done with kindergarten!!!

Alesha said...

Oh good ol Zoo trips! I love the zoo! I think we visited there as many times last year when P was in the hospital as I have my whole life. :)

Ashley said...

Your boys are so precious!! my family LOVES going to the zoo :)

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