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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Things that make me smile :0)

Here are a few things in the past week that have made me smile! Ive loved having a few pick me uppers in the past few days!

1. The other day when I got home from work the boys had picked these for me and left them on the table. They were so excited to give them to me. It was adorable.
2. Landons not been feeling great so we made him a make shift room next to ours which is the computer room. The dog found his way in there and snuggled right up to him
3-6. Summer time! The kids running through the gecko sprinkler they had so much fun. I love seeing them run, laugh and squeel having a good time.
7-8. The other night I went downstairs to check on the boys and this is how I found them. Once again they had climbed into bed together. Oh how this melts my heart!

When times are tough its easy to get down. I am working on focusing on the positves in life. These cute kiddos sure help to make that an easier task!


KW said...

I just love sleeping pictures! They look so peaceful and cute!

Jennie said...

What cute pictures! I love the flowers they picked for you, so sweet!

Monica said...

Love it!

Ashley said...

Love THE FLOWERS, what sweet boys you have!

Great pictures, love the summer :)

Thinking about you ((hugs))

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