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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stefons Birthday Date.

On Saturday we took Stefon for his birthday date. He picked to go to Fat Cats just like Daxton had (he loves to do everything his big brother does). We had tons of fun bowling 2 games, playing mini-golf, doing all of the arcade games (Stefon and Layne together won 1,600 tickets Stefon was so happy he hit a 500 ticket jack pot on his first try), picking out prizes and playing air hockey. Stefon thought it was awesome he beat me at bowling and air hockey. It really is a great time to spend special 1 on 1 time with just us and each boy we really enjoy it and it seems like they do to. I love the fun conversations we have and the time we spend together! It was a blast... the only tragedy is I slipped with the bowling ball and wacked my knee. I pulled the ligament and ripped the cartlidge and am in a pretty awesome brace for now. I go on Friday to meet with a orthopedic specialist to see whats next. I am so bummed because I was going to run a 10k in honor of Kael on Saturday.... so I guess I will have to put that on my bucket list for next year. I am so grateful to have such good kiddos and love each of them to death!! It was a fun, fun day for all included!


Tesha said...

Oh what a bummer to hear about you knee. You are such a great mommy still carrying on with the good times and having fun. Love the sweet pics :) Saying a prayer that you heal up quickly!

KW said...

Oh man! That is a major bummer about the knee. Were you going to run the Grief race in Bountiful?
Looks like it was a fun night other than the knee part.

Trennia said...

Happy Birthday Stefon!
Sorry to hear about your knee,praying.

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday to Stefon! He is one cute kid! I'm sorry about your knee, that stinks. Hope its a nice easy recovery for ya.

Ashley said...

Looks like SO much fun!!

Happy (late) Birthday Stefon!!

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