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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mommy son Date.

On Tuesday night just the boys and I headed to the Jazz game for a little date night. We had so much FUN!! The boys seriously love the Jazz so much even little Landon yells out "Defense" with his hands over his mouth and go Jazz go. Stefon and Daxton are getting to know all of the vocabulary and know about points. fouls, out of bounds etc. They know how to read the score board and see whose winning and loosing. Their little minds surprise me daily! We had a fun night the Jazz played the Clippers and won (smoked them really :) . A Jazz game wouldn't be a true game with out treats so the boys choose Dippin Dots, popcorn and soda. One of their favorite things is the Jazz Bear hes so funny to watch and then when the Jazz win the confetti that pops from the ceiling they think its amazing and have to collect some to bring home. It was such  a fun little date night. I sure love hanging out with the kiddos and building fun memories with them.


Alesha said...

That is really cute of you. I feel like I can't take my two kids anywhere alone, and look at you with 3! And to a Jazz game, what a mom!

Ashley said...

How fun! What a good mom you are :)

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