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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do you believe in signs???

This past weekend Layne and I headed to Oregon for his companies annual banquet. On the way there he and I sat next to this sweet young college girl. She was very quiet and didn't say two peeps to us almost the whole way there. All of the sudden about 20 mins before we were supposed to land she nudged me and said... "I don't meant to bother you but look out the window its a rainbow." now why do I think this is a sign... the whole ride there I was thinking of Kael. I'm not sure what it is but when we fly I think of him. I don't know if its because I feel closer to heaven or what but my mind always wanders to him... so long story short. I wonder if Kael sent me that little rainbow. It came right at the right time. Timing that's just to good to be true. Maybe I'm a bit crazy but id love to think it was a sign. The weekend was a fun one. Lots of yummy food ate, business meeting, watching the niners win their playoff game and being with friends, dressing up nice,  dancing the night away and a good nights sleep was just the little break we needed. What a great weekend it was indeed.


Jen said...

I definitely think our babies send us signs! The signs from our babies are God's grace, for sure!

I swear there have been a few times that I've felt really down and all of a sudden a little butterfly will just flitter by. They're there for us, always!

Sending love to you, always!

Alesha said...

I'd like to think so. They always make me feel good and loved when I see things like that. :)

KW said...

I definitely believe in signs, heaven is closer than we realize until we are sent signs like that.

Ashley said...

Definitely think it was a sign for you, how sweet!! I wish I got things/signs from Beckett :(

Youngins said...

I belive in signs. The week we came home with no IzzyJane in our arms everynight there was a rainbow. They are on the other side where it is bright and colorful! Your Kael is so precious! Sorry he is not in your arms to hold but hold on to those signs and memories!


The Johnson Crew said...

I to believe in signs and I love each one of them. I am glad he sent one and you saw it!
I got my angel in the mail, I love it. Thank you!

Holly said...

what a great reminder :)

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