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Friday, January 6, 2012

Blanket Drive!!!!

So I mentioned in my new years post about goals for this year. For Kaels second birthday April 12th  I want to do the blanket drive again. Last year was huge and so, so AMAZING. Thanks again for all of your help I'm super excited to do it again. Since the 4th of the month was so soon this year I did a simple good act of service I was up at Primary Children's on the 4th so I took 2 bags of donations and spent a little while reading to kids. Next month will be much bigger but I was glad to be able to help in a small fashion for this month. Any who I want to get started now on this blanket/stuffed animal drive in order for it to be successful!! So if you'd like to donate blankets or stuffed animals shoot me an email to brigey5689@gmail.com  and Ill give you my address or phone number and Ill come pick the items up from you! They can be new or old but in good condition  Id like to have them all by April 1st so I can get them organized and donate them on the 12th in honor of Kael. The blankets can be new or ones that are used and in good condition.  The hospital can be so scary and it gets so stinking cold the blankets really help the little ones that are staying there to find just a little bit of comfort and keep their piggies warm. Please, please donate if you can! Thanks so much in advance for all of  your love and support!!


The Hammonds said...

Glad your doing it again! Ill be donating for sure!

Alesha said...

I definitely want to donate. I will get right on that!

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