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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrating a special angel...

Last night I was honored to celebrate a special angel. Yesterday marked 2 years since McKenzie returned to heaven. We love her sweet parents so much! Kendra did a great job celebrating the life of her daughter. We lets tons and tons of balloons go, 24 lanterns go to represent the amount of months that have gone by and then afterwards they went to Ryan's parents house to eat, watch McKenzie's video and wrap presents for the families they kindly adopted for Christmas. This family has the heart of gold. They do anything the can to help others in need. They are a fine example to me and help me to want to be a better person. They are so kind and never think of themselves. I'm lucky to have met them. The night was beautiful and on the drive home Daxton told me he thought that McKenzie and Kael were in heaven together making the snow. It sure put a smile on my face. I often picture them in heaven together. I bet their having the time of their lives. Playing care free and watching over us down here on earth. I cant wait for the day when we get to see them again!! We sure love and miss you guys!! Thanks for the invite and a amazing evening!!


crystal said...

You are so right, Kendra and Ryan are amazing people. I just love to see her pictures when she has Kenzie days. She does so much in honor or McKenzie. They have so much love to share with a little one and I pray that God blesses them with the perfect baby that He has planned for them. My heart has been so broken these past few weeks. It seems like it is coming up all of my BLM's babies' Angelversaries or Birthdays and my heart just hurts for them. Then after watching the Heart of Christmas, it really breaks. It gives me such a sick feeling to my stomach. I just long for that day that we all get to go to Heaven to see all of our Angels!!! Sending love and prayers to all of you!!!

Ashley said...

What a neat thing to do in honor of a friends child <3

April said...

What a tender evening- (love those BYU hats:)

Holly said...

What a beautiful celebration

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