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Friday, April 22, 2011

Small Miracles.

So this awesome lady by the name of Franchesca started this blog hop on the 19th of each month. This month she extended it for a week so I figured I would join in!! Its also Joyful Moments Friday on the Jones's blog so I figured why not combine the two!! For Franchesca's blog you can find her at http://www.smallbirdstudios.com/ and for the Jone's blog you can find them at http://www.joyfuljones.com/ So onto the fun now!! This week has been full of small miracles... I don't know if Kael knows I need him close alot lately or what but he has been sending so many signs!! I was at work this week and a friend of mine started instant messaging me.. she said she had a dream and she couldn't get it out of her head so she had to share it with me... she dreamt that I was crying and that a small sweet angel that looked like Kael came flying down onto my cheek and wiped away my tears..he told her that he was near and that his love for me and that him being there for me was what helped him go on and be a good messenger in heaven.... it really helped me feel him near for the rest of the day. The next day at work a sweet lady that I work with just came up to me out of the blue, gave me a hug and said I cant talk about this now but I just want you to know that Kael was lucky to have you as his mom as are your other boys... that also brought me peace since sometimes I doubt in myself that I did the best I could. Well finally today this will tie in with small miracles as well as the joyful moment we were dying Easter eggs and Daxton and Stefon both said "mom can we please dye some eggs for baby Kael I think he would like us to make him a blue and a orange one. " The are the sweetest boys!! They sure bring me joy and always when I need it the most. They still love and remember Kael which means the world to me!! I'm glad that they to always want to keep Kael a part of everything we do!! So now its your turn to tell me..... what are you small miracles and what brings you joy????? I hope you all have a happy Easter.. that you feel some peace and some joy. When we think about the real meaning of Easter the sacrifice and love it truly is an amazing thought!!


The Hammonds said...

They look so happy! I love that they made an egg for Kael :-)

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