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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Blanket Drive!........huge success!!

So Tuesday was the big day.. we gathered all the blankets and headed to Primary Children's the turn out was AMAZING!! We had a total of 382 blankets!! Yes you read that right 382!!! We also got 30 stuffed animals brand new that we were able to take up as well!! I am so grateful and humble by all the support and love we received for this drive! What a great thing to do in honor of Kael!! When we got there we had to take 2 big carts plus some being carried to get them all in! While I was filling out the paper for the donation a lady walked up and asked the volunteer there if thy were giving them away.. she said not right now and the lady looked so defeated. The volunteer then proceeded to talk to the lady, she walked over to me and asked if it would be ok to give a blanket to the lady I of course said YES!! That's why we brought them. We found out from the lady is was a 3 year old girl in need of a blanket. I picked one out and handed it over to the mom. She proceeded to let me know she was from Vegas her daughter had been hit by a car and rushed to PCMC they came with no blankets, coats really anything. Her little girl is in the ICU now having seizures from the brain trauma. I was so glad we were there at the right time. What a blessing to be able to see all of our hard work pay off already! I cried knowing the pain that poor family is now going through I hope that the blanket helps them in some small way. After we took pictures the lady asked Layne to help her get all the blankets downstairs because they were so heavy. He of course said yes and helped take them down. What an amazing thing we were able to do in Kaels honor. I can only hope that many more benefit from this AMAZING CAUSE!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We could have never done it with out you!!! Now I need to start on something for next year ;0) Ill keep you all posted!!


christa said...

While I was in the hospital with my little guy, I would walk down the hall and see the older kids snuggled with their blankets. I'm sure it was comforting to them and I'm sure you will help comfort a lot of the kids during a very hard time!

JenJen said...

I have tears in my eyes with this post! I am so thrilled that the blanket drive Kael's birthday was sucessful!

ASRussell said...

I was so impressed with the number of blankets and stuffed animals that were donated in honor of Kael. It just shows what a truly amazing little boy he is that he was able to touch so many lives and is continuing to bless lives. Thank you for your inspiration. When that lady came up and told her story, I about died. I was so full of emotion and loved that you guys were there to help them out! AMAZING!!!

Holly said...

What a wonderful amount and sorry I sent mine late!! I ending up sending 2 instead of just 1.

The Hammonds said...

I am so happy it turned out so amazing!!!

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