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Saturday, April 9, 2011


I cant believe Stefon is about to start Kindergarten!! Yesterday was orientation so we and I had a little mommy date!! We had lots of fun! We went to the new school the kids will be going to next year and met the teachers and got a tour of the school. While the principal was talking the teachers took the kids to their new classes, fed them cookies and taught them new songs. Stefon didn't even bat an eye when they told the kids to follow them. He just got in line with the other kids and walked away!! I guess I don't need to worry about him being nervous! When the meeting was over we went to the class to pick up our kids, Stefon and I took a tour of the library then headed on our way. He was so excited he wanted to stay there longer!! He is stoked for school. After wards Stefon wanted to go for hot chocolate so we headed to beans and brew since it is SNOWING in April and got hot chocolate and white chocolate mocha's... yumm-o!! It was a fun little date and was so great to see Stefon so excited!! I cant believe these kids are growing up so fast! I wish they could stay little FOREVER!! I will have 2 kids in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL after summer break I can hardly believe it!! Its so bitter sweet to see them learning and growing!! They sure make me smile and make the hard days not so bad!! I love these kiddos to pieces and am so proud of them with how smart and polite they are getting!! Here are some pics from our little date!!


Andrea said...

How exciting!!! It is nice seeing them grow and learn but it is also a bitter sweet moment since it is so nice when they are small and still wanting mommy and daddy. I am glad that it was a great experience for him and you.

ASRussell said...

WOW!!! how did that happen? Its crazy how quickly they grow up! Looks like you guys had a fun day!

The Hammonds said...

Im dreading sending Jay to kindergarten! I know he is going to love every second but its hard on us mommies for sure! Cant believe our boys are starting school! Seems like we were just pregnant together with them!!

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