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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So a little more information on Landon. We went in for his 15 month check up 2 weeks ago. Our amazing pediatrician made the recommendation for some blood work and an MRI for his brain and his spine because his lower body like his legs, knees etc. weren't responding really good in her reflex test and he didn't like to put pressure on his legs and hes not walking yet. Not a huge alarm but made her a little bit nervous after all that we have been through with Kael. So that day we went to the hospital to get his blood drawn all of those tests came back normal. She got us the first outpatient MRI which was yesterday. Yesterday afternoon she called me to give me the results. His brain looked good HOORAY... then the except part came in... on his spine at the bottom there is a pocket of either fluid, fat something which is likely causing pressure on his lower body and making it hard for him to use his lower extremities to their fullest. Shes not sure of the extent of what this means.Could mean nothing big could mean something really big lots of unanswered questions right now. She called right up to Primary Children's neurology and spoke with the resident since it was after their normal hours. He recommended we meet with an amazing doctor by the name of Dr. Walker and said she was going to try to get us in on Tuesday. I am waiting for the call today for us to be able to set up the appointment. I know this is all vague but its all I know for now so until we can get in and see what were up against please keep us in your prayers.. if you don't pray please send us positive thoughts!! I appreciate all the love and concern and am trying to stay optimistic all thought its hard after what we've been though. Hope all is well with you all lots of love and kisses!!


The Johnson Crew said...

I don't know what is worse, a bad diagnosis or the unknown! Hang in there and yes we will keep you in our prayers. I am relieved his blood work came back normal.

Jill_ums said...

I hope everything goes okay!

ASRussell said...

oh Brig!!! Layne told me yesterday but didnt want to bombard you with a bunch of calls. We are praying for you and little landon. I know everything will work out. Love you!!! Kepp me updated!

Andrea said...

Wow! Keeping you in my prayers. Things will work out I just know it. Let me know if you need anything. HUGS!!

Heather said...

I'm glad his brain looks good, but sorry for the "except" part. I will be keeping him in prayer - I know this must be so stressful for you!

peach said...

Will keep him and you in my prayers.

Jessica said...

You are in my prayers!
check out my blog I gave you an award!

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