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Monday, December 6, 2010


I feel so luck to have received this blog award. Sweet Jessica over at To beautiful for earth nominated me for this blog. She is so sweet. She is the lady who made this amazing ornament for Kael for our Christmas tree. I cant tell her how much I love it!! So here are the rules. Recognize the one who gave you the blog award and then give it to 5 others. So I read many blogs but ill try to spread the love around as much as possible so here are the other 5 and Jessicas info! Thanks Jessica this really made my day!!!

Jessicas blog: To beautiful for earth: Survivingmiscarrcariages.blogspot.com

Holly: Caring for Carleigh : carleighmckenna.blogspot.com
Marie: Olivias blog: Oliviamariecaldwell.blogspot.com
Butterfly Mom: On KK Butterflies wings: kkbutterflywings.blogspot.com
Gayle: Simply a Miracle x 2: simplyamiraclex2.blogspot.com
Laura: Cara Angel : onlyangelsmakethelist.blogspot.com

Thanks again for this award. Hope it brings a smile to your faces as well.


The Johnson Crew said...

Your so sweet Brigette. Thanks! I hope all is well with Landon too!

Jessica said...

SO glad you love the ornament and the award was WELL deserved !! :)

butterflymom said...

My dear friend...thank you so much for the wonderful comments and honor of the blog award. Hugs to you always.

peach said...

Thank you.

Holly said...

Thank you for the award!

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

I love that ornament. Its so perfect. I just wanted to elt you know on Sunday we will be sending a Kael balloon up with the rest of Makenzies. His name is on the list to be written on his very own balloon. I just know our babies are so happy!

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