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Saturday, May 23, 2015


A few months back like the start of this year we decided to gain a little spirituality in our home. The missionaries started coming over and we headed to church. The boys had been asking for a while to learn more and we decided we weren't going to hold them back. The missionaries in our are a are amazing they knew how to talk at the boys level and make things fun! We all became great friends!! In our religion kids normally get baptized at the age of 8. Since Daxton is older than that things had to be done a bit differently than "normal". The boys worked so hard to learn and understand about the gospel and the importance of Christ. Theybasked to be baptized in April. Things were a little crazy so we figured out a date in may the 9th that would work. They were so excited and ready to be baptized. We had amazing support from our families, friends , neighbors and even the boys school teachers shows up. Talk about an amazing support system! We've got it. It was such a nice baptism the boys were beaming!!! Afterwards we went over to Layne's mom's house and had a nice dinner all together. I wish I had taken more pictures but feel like u was running around crazy. I'll remember the day though it was for sure a blessed one!!!


Chantel said...

Congrats! What a great day.

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