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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family vacation Days 1 and 2 :)

The first week of August we set out on our summer family vacation. We were headed to Phoenix for the next week because Layne was headed there for more work training but his company was generous enough to let us go along so we could be together and have some fun. Layne really is working for an amazing company these days. So Saturday we headed out for our first stop Vegas!! We made it to St. George and stopped there for dinner then headed on to our hotel in Vegas. We got there early enough to see one of the light shows at the Bellagio, meet the minions, princesses and Bumble Bee. We walked around looking at some of the  hotels for a while and then headed back to our hotel to get some rest. The next morning the hotel served us breakfast and we headed out to finish our trek. When we got in to Phoenix we found our hotel got our things unpacked and got ready for the week. The hotel Laynes work put us up in was amazing. Such a pretty hotel with a gym, pool, hot tub and full on free breakfast and dinner service and free soda, juice and milk but also cocktail hour where everyone old enough could have up to 3 free drinks a night. Seriously they didnt go cheap at all with this hotel. So we headed down to the pool this night and then out to the store to do a little shopping. It was a great way to start the vacation.


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