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Monday, April 14, 2014

6 years ago.....

Oh sweet kael!!!! Happy birthday sweet boy!! I cant believe it was 6 years ago you came into our lives and changed us for the better.  I often think back to that day so scared and not knowing what to expect you were early and we knew something wasn't quite right. You were born and they whisked you right away... dad didn't tell me that day but in the nice he watched them help you start breathing again. We almost lost you that first day within minutes of having you I'm so glad we got more time.  I was instantly in love with you I couldn't wait to love on you and feed you and show you all about this world. Little did I know you'd do all the teaching.  You taught me eay more than id ever have been able to teach you. Thank you for choosing us. Then you for loving us. thank you for showing us whats important in life. You are amazing you still teach us and help us along the way. I love you so much sweet boy. To the moon and back!! On your birthday we celebrated you!! We wanted to make the day about paying it forward! We went to breakfast for a fundraiser for a girls softball team, we then went to primary children's and donated 138 stuffed animals, 5cuddle up its, 5baby gowns, 10 burp cloths and 198 blankets. We had so many people donate all in your name. We also had people out of state donate to their local hospitals and a dear friend of mine donated $100.00 in your name to Primary Children's. How cool is that?   Think of all those sweet kids who will have something to snuggle or a blankie to keep them warm in those cold, often dark rooms so much joy you will bring to those kids sweet faces!! We went to your spot and decorated your grave! Your brothers thought at this age you would like football, Frisbee, and trucks so they each picked something to put on your grave. Tiara just thought it was fun to sit in the grass and play with all of your things. We then went to grandmas house to release balloons for you. It always puts a smile on my face to see what your brothers write on your balloons. All of the messages are always so sweet and heartfelt. A birthday wouldn't be a day with out cake so we all enjoyed some cupcakes for you!! After cupcakes we headed out to dinner with grandpa Bott. We talked about you and all of the memories we have!! We made sure to treat the waitress right ;). We headed up to uncle Zacks house for a little bit after dinner and then went home and watched a movie together all of us. We thought that's what you would want all of us to be together having fun, making memories and thinking of you!! Oh sweet boy I love you so much! So many people love and miss you. Thank you for teaching us, helping us and leading us. We strive each day to be better so we can be with you! I love you so much I hope you had an amazing birthday. Love always mom!!


KW said...

Wow! What a great way to pay it forward! That is awesome. I'm sure he is smiling down thinking how great his family is to think of others on such a hard, but special day.

Tesha Papik said...

Such a beautiful day! You are an amazing Mommy! All your children are blessed to have you:) Happy birthday sweet Kael!!!!!

Chantel said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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