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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Emergency Surgery

Friday August 16th Daxton started complaining during the day that his stomach hurt when he was coughing, by 6 pm it was really bothering him so I told him to lay down and rest, 10 pm rolled around and he started throwing up, not being able to move, pale as a ghost, crying in so much pain.... I knew right away it was his appendix... same stinking symptoms as Stefon that happened only 10 months ago. So up to Primary Children's I went to take him to figure out if my assumption was right. It took 5 hours in the ER that night there were so many sick kids, life flight and ambulance it was insane.. sure enough his white blood cell counts were high and the ultrasound determined his appendix were swollen and needed to come out. By the time they admitted us it was 5:30 am it was also the day of Landys birthday party so there would be no rest for this mama. Layne and I decided we couldn't cancel the party so one of us would stay with Dax and one of us would go run the party. I headed home to get everything ready. There were 5 kids that day that needed surgery and Dax was 4th out of 5th so I had time to run the party and still make it back before they took him into surgery. Layne went home to get some things taken care of and I stayed with Dax. The surgery took a little over an hour the doctor came out said he had done well and that we were lucky his hadn't burst about 10 minutes later I could hear Daxton screaming down the hall in recovery I want my mom... they called me in even though they usually make parents wait. Daxton was going crazy.. he was up on the bed thrashing his body around so upset he was trying to get off the bed, he pulled his IV out and was yelling at the top of his lungs. They had me hold him down and put a new IV in his foot so that they could give him more meds to sedate him again.. it was horrible to watch I felt so bad. Luckily once he woke up for the second time around after being sedated again he was much calmer. We spent the night again that night and most of the next day at the hospital they didn't release us until about 9pm due to Daxton being in so much pain. Daxton had a few visitors including Spider man since he had to miss him at Landon's party. We sure had a awesome Spider man ,  luckily around 7pm it was manageable so we could go home. He is doing quite a bit better now and just has to be careful with his stitches in his 3 incisions. I am so thankful that we caught it early and for modern day medicine that was able to take care of it right away. Such a crazy thing to happen to 2 kids in the same family not even a year apart but we managed and just kind of have to chuckle about it now.. sometimes I wonder about our luck. Just another reminder to not take anything for granted and to live every day to its fullest. A million thanks to all of those that helped bring in dinners, visited at the hospital and brought Daxton prizes. It sure helped him out alot!


Tesha Papik said...

Oh no poor boy;( To have to miss the part as well...You are so on top of it to recognize the symptoms right away! I am so glad it worked out and he is OK. Shayla did the same screaming and thrashing over the IV. What a sweet spider man!

Alesha said...

That is crazy to have 2 of your kids have that in less than a year! No fun! Glad he is doing better now!

FRIEDLI'S said...

Wow that is intense!! So glad you were an awesome mom and on top of it so quickly!!!

Tiffany said...

so sorry! but glad he is doing well

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