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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2 months....

This past month has FLOWN by!! I cant believe Tiara is already 2 months old!!! This month was an exciting one! Tiara has found her hands. She loves to use them to grab at toys and at her brothers, loves to try to such on them and rubs her eyes. It is so stinking cute it  melts my heart every time she does it. There have been a lot of first for her... her first road trip, first mini vacation, first trip to the City Creek Mall with our friends that we already miss!! She is holding her head up great, follows people around the room and turns when she hears voices especially the ones she knows. She is starting to coo at us and we've even had a few laughs. She thinks her brothers are hilarious!!! Its so fun to watch them interact they love that she is starting to interact back!! She loves her bottle, binky, being wrapped up, her swing, bouncy chair, play mat and cuddling with mommy and daddy. She loves being held up on our shoulders and loves to give kisses she also loves dancing with mommy!!.  She is tolerating her baths and lotion rubs down more all though they are still not her favorite thing and the one thing she hates is being alone when she is awake! If she watches you walk out of a room and no one else is there she freaks out. But go back in and she is settled right down!! She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes, size 1 diapers and lots of accessories :). Her feet are to skinny for shoes still which is killing me because I have a ton geared up and ready for her. Tiara is now 9 lbs. 14 oz. which is the 27% for weight which is a HUGE improvement over last month. They want her to stay over the 20% so we are doing well getting her to gain weight. She is a long skinny thing though she is now 23 inches which is 75% and her head is in the 60% which is great. This baby is an AMAZING sleeper. At night she is going any where from 6.5 -  7 hours straight with out waking up for a bottle. I always get nervous and wake myself up after about 5 hours to make sure she is still breathing. I'm a little crazy but cant ever be to sure. She is still sleeping in our room in the rock and play it is the most amazing thing ever. Its perfect size it lays her up at an angle and is very safe. I love, love, love it!!  We visited the Cystic Fibrosis clinic again on Monday and they are pleased with her weight gain and length growth. Her labs are all looking good and her lungs are still clear. Its always a relief to have a good visit up there. We go again July 1st to see how things are coming along. For now we will still give her the enzymes to help her process her food and her vitamins. Its a small price to pay to keep this little girl healthy! We are soaking in every single minute of this little love. Every day I am thanking god for giving her to us and allowing us to keep her for another day. Each day is a gift and we aren't taking a single one for granted. She is a true blessing to our family and we all just love and adore her. We've forgotten what it was like before she joined our family its like shes been here forever. The love we have for her is so strong she is a great touch as the final addition to our little family. One other thing I have to note when we sit on the couch that has Kaels pictures above it she stares and she smiles. Is like she knows him and can see him here. It makes my heart melt. I wish she could talk to us and tell us if she was able to play in heaven with him before she came down. I am just certain they were good friends before he let her go. Here's to another month of happiness and growing. We love you so much baby girl!!


Trisha Larson said...

Congratulations Brigette! Tiara is beautiful :)

Haven't visited for a while so it was such a nice surprise to see this precious little girl. I got caught up on your blog this morning. I'm just thrilled for you and your entire family.


KW said...

Oh heavens, she is adorable! So so so precious.

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