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Monday, February 18, 2013

Super Bowl Fun!!

This year the Superbowl was a big game! Our 49ers were in the game which resulted in a big party. We invited over lots of friends and had TONS of yummy food. We set up 3 different tv's to ensure everyone had proper coverage. It was so fun to have so many people over to eat, catch up and watch the game. It got so hectic that the only pictures I got were of the boys before the game such a bummer. Its ok though we had a blast and were ok with the outcome. The 49ers didn't win but the Ravens did and our old friend Dennis Pitta from BYU caught a touch down so we were super excited for him!! He is one of the players we were lucky enough to take pictures with when he played for BYU and he was so gracious and kind about it. So all though out team lost by a few points... we weren't sad with the outcome. It was such a fun night for all!!


Alesha said...

How fun that you had multiple Tv's going! That is true party!!

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