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Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Valentines.

Valentines was good to us this year. We made the actual day about the kiddos and then spent the whole weekend celebrating it!! It was perfect just the way it was. In the morning Layne and I exchanged gifts and we gave the kids their presents. We got balloons and sent them to heaven for Kael. When we went out the the cemetery there was still so much snow I wasnt able to dig out Kaels grave but we did leave him his Valentines as well.  I took the boys to school and then headed to work for a bit. I was able to help out in Stefons class party which is always a blast and then Stefon Landon and I headed up to Primary Children's to have them tested for cystic fibrosis. Since finding out Layne and I are both carriers of the gene our pediatrician thought it would be best that they get tested. Daxtons was already done at birth but the other two boys had not been. So us 3 headed up for the about 2 hour procedure. The boys did fantastic, we had a little snack in the cafe and then headed back upstairs to finish their sweat test. The two docs doing the testing said they had never had kids that young sit so still and act so well. I was super proud of them. Since they were so good they gave the boys wooden toy cars that they could keep. They said the results would be ready the following day so we headed home. (Our doc called us the next day and said that both boys tests were normal no CF for either of them a HUGE relief!!)  Thursday night we had a nice dinner and Laynes moms house celebrating with her and Laynes sisters it was really fun. The boys got spoiled there as well as from my mom and then we headed home. Saturday we all went out to Woods Cross High School where my niece was in the play The Little Mermaid it was so well done and well worth our time. Once done there we took the boys to my friends house for a sleep over so Layne and I could celebrate. We went and did some shopping, grabbed some dinner to bring home and watched  movies which was so fun. Its super weird to have a quite house :). The next day we took it easy in the morning watched another movie, got ready for the day and then headed down town for some lunch at PF Changs and a little more shopping. My friend took the boys out to a movie so when they were done we picked them up and headed home for their favorites the wrestling paper view. It was such a fun weekend!! I am so thankful for all of the loves in my life. I am so happy that we all got to spend lots of time together and celebrate together. It was such a fun weekend!


Tesha said...

Love the sweet Valentines day pics! So glad to hear the boys tests were normal. Praying for you and baby sister:)

Alesha said...

Pierce's was so burried too...and WAY icey! That is such good news about the boys testing. Glad they were so good, it's not very fun to have to do that!

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