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Friday, November 23, 2012


So many things to be thankful for!! All though times are tough there are still so many things that are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL in my life. My precious little family I love each of my boys with all of my heart. I am beyond thankful for them and all that they teach me each day!! Thankful for my hubby who works hard to take care of us and will do anything for us. Thankful for an amazing job with benefits for when we need to have care from a doctor or hospital. Thankful for all of the modern day medicine/machines that we have these days so we can check in on this beautiful growing baby in my belly. I am thankful for her sweet kicks that I get more and more of each day to know that she is alive and growing in there. Thankful for a warm room over our heads, food to eat, a car to get us around and for all of the amazing friends and extended family in my life. I have truly been blessed to have some great people surrounding me to help me in the good and bad times. I am thankful for the knowledge of a loving Father in Heaven I have certainly felt him near these past few weeks and I am thankful for  the hopes that one day we will be united with our precious Kael what a joyous day that will be!!  Life is good with so much to be thankful for!! Yesterday we spent time with just our little family in the morning and then spent the afternoon into the night with Layne's family. Its always fun to be around them and catch up. On Sunday my family will have their dinner and we will be together as well. Another year gone by, some ups, some downs some in betweens yet a life filled with love and thankfulness!! I pictured the kids thankful plates everytime I see them I smile. :)


KnottedFingers said...

<3 What beautiful things to be thankful of and what gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing!

Tesha said...

Love to read all the things you are thankful for. I know all your children are so blessed to have a good mommy like you. Can't wait to hear more about sweet baby girl!!! am so happy for you love Kael's decorations.

Alesha said...

Awe cute Kael's space! Love it. The thankful plates are a cute idea too.

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