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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stefons emergency surgery

A week ago Thursday night we went to Laynes moms house as usual for Thursday dinner. When we got there Stefon had been sleeping for 2 hours and not acting like his normal self. Layne and I talked to him for about 20 minutes and couldn't get anything out of him. Finally Layne started pointing to different things on his body and pressing a bit on his tummy to see if it hurt when we did it to his left side nothing when we did it to his right side he said ouch and about 2 mins later puked everywhere. So we thought ok maybe he has the flue. We got him all cleaned up and left him resting on the chair while we ate. When it got time to go home and for Stefon to move he couldn't he cried out so hard it was killing him to move even a inch. Layne carried him to the car and we headed to take the other 2 boys home and Stefon to Insa Care we knew something was wrong. When we got there the evaluated him he couldnt walk on his own and had a slight fever. The doctor at the kids care normally works up at Primary Children's and said we needed to go there right away he was sure it was Stefons appendix. We drove up there Stefon crying the whole way each time we hit a bump. The kids care had called ahead and got us right back. They right away drew his blood and then sent him in for a ultrasound. They could see right away on the ultrasound that his appendix was really inflamed they brought in the head radiologist to check and for sure they were right. Stefon had appendicitis and would need surgery soon. At this point it was about 11:30 pm. The surgeons came in let us know we would be admitted right away and that surgery would be at 9 am. They showed us a video of 2 different ways they could do the surgery the old fashioned way or laprascopic which would have 3 different incisions but not nearly as big. That's the way we decided to go. They sent us upstairs for the night and got Stefon on some antibiotics right away. They made sure to keep him on pain meds and fluids all night. Even with the pain meds it was a long night! Poor guy couldn't sleep more than about an hour. He had me lay in his bed with him and hold him. It was so sad seeing him in such pain. At 9 am they came to get us and bring us down. Its amazing the emotions that ran through me the whole stay that same er room, surgery hall, drop off point. the smells my little brain was everywhere!! They said the surgery would take about an hour. The doctor came back in to get me once it was done and said his appendix was huge and that we were super lucky it hadn't burst! Talk about blessings I am so happy that it didn't burst. Stefon woke up in a lot of pian they had to re medicate him 4 times before he woke up semi ok and able to go back up to our room. Through out the day he had lots of visitors and people coming to check in on him and bring him prizes and stuff he was such a trooper. We stayed the night one more time and the next day around 11 am they released him. Things have been pretty sore for him even still today but he is making great progress and is recovering well. I am so thankful for doctors and modern day medicine that helped to make him feel so much better. It was quite the few days but I am thankful we had the right resources and help to pull him through!!


Tesha said...

Oh how very scary, I am so glad that he is ok! It is so hard to know if a child just has a bug or is really sick. Good discerning that he was indeed in trouble, thank the good Lord for that!

The Hammonds said...

I feel so bad for him!! When I had it I felt like I was dying so I cant imagine what it felt like for him being so little :-(

Alesha said...

Poor little guy that sounds brutal. I am so glad they didn't burst!

Tiffany said...

how scary! so glad he's ok.

Ashley said...

How scary, poor boy! Glad that everything is great. That must have been so scary for you guys - poor little guy :(

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