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Sunday, January 2, 2011


On April 12th this year it would have been Kaels 3rd birthday, this year I want to do something in honor of him!! I will be holding a blanket drive from today until April 9th to donate all the blankets to the children's hospital that helped Kael stay alive for as long as he did!! On April 12th we will go and donate them in his name! Kael always loved being snuggled in his blankie as I'm sure all the kids do so I thought this would be a great idea. If you want to participate you can mail them to me at 6112 Prarie View Drive, Taylorsville UT 84118 or email or call me and I can pick them up from you if your in state!! I'm very excited and cant wait to do this for him!! These can be new or used whatever works best for you! I hope this drive is a HUGE SUCCESS!! Thanks in advance for all of your participation and for making this happen along with me!! Lots of love to you in heaven Kael I hope this puts a smile on your face for your birthday!! Love Mommy!!


Mary said...

I will be happy to collect some blankets and mail them to you. We know how important and cozy the blankies can be to our sick little ones. Our son died in July 09 when he was 8 months old and spent months of his life in the hospital. The blanket of his I cherish the most came from a donation box. So I will start collecting for Kael! Mary

Life Without You said...

Its he is so beautiful..I will be happy to send you some blankets is something beautiful.

May are angels.Smile at us forever

Tana said...

I would love to help out. I will make at least one, if I can get more made I will (my sewing machine died so I'm at the mercy of my mother's old machine). Love ya and I think it's a great idea Brig! Maybe you could come pick them up in a month or two and then I'd get to see you!

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

This is a great idea!!! Im excited to get started on it and get some blankets collected for you. Its a great-amazing thing to do in honor or your sweet baby boy. Kael is so very lucky to have you as his mommy.

The Hammonds said...

This is such an AMAZING thing you are doing to honor your little angel! Im so happy I get to be a part of it!!

Holly said...

I def want to send a blanket!

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