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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Pictures.

My friend Lyndee is AMAZING!! She took us on Monday night to do our family pictures as well as Landons pictures for his birthday. We were a bit late getting his bday ones done because Lyndee had surgery on her arm and it took a bit to recover. It was well worth the wait though because these are simply amazing!! A few friends of mine gave me a great idea to make a build a bear for Kael so he could be part of our family pictures I of course thought this was a fantastic idea and the even better thing was that we already had a build a bear for his that we had made before he was even born. We would record their heart beats and stick them in a bear to announce the gender of the baby. So we brought Kaels bear along and made him part of our photos to. Here is a sneak peak of the pictures. I love every single one of them and cant wait to get the CD. Thanks so much Lyndee you are the sweetest and the best!!


Jessica said...

What a beautiful family you have :) (((hugs))) <3

peach said...

They turned out great! Don't you love using a bear? Of course we'd rather have our babies, but isn't it a great idea to remember them? Your bear is a cutie. xo

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

Ah What cute cute pictures. you have one good looking family! I love them all. I am thinking about you daily. Please let me know if you ever need anything. I know there are times I just need to talk to someone that KNOWS. Maybe you can be that for me to. Sometimes I feel like, hmm. I just need to call someone- sit on the phone and cry. Someone that knows exactly what im feeling, thinking,needing. Not many people do. Ill be that for you anytime.

Chelsea said...

Brig your photos are so beautiful! Way to go Lyndee!

The Hammonds said...

Cute cute cute!!

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