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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I stumbled on this today...

So here's what I found when I was hanging laundry, a shirt that I made for Layne for fathers day in 2008.... I traced each boys hand print and had them paint it in we wrote " #1 dad hands down" on the shirt. So I came across this shirt and so many emotions started running.... I had traced Kaels hand in the NICU and put it on the shirt. All the nurses thought it was such a sweet idea... oh how I miss that little hand.. I'm glad Layne has it so we can look at it but how much happier would it be if he were here so we could hold his sweet hand... All things considered I am extremely glad I made this shirt. What a treasure to have now. I cant believe it is almost Kaels 2nd birthday. We have a neat little party planned I only hope its enough to make him realize how much we love him and miss him. I hope it turns out as special as we are planning on. I hope he knows I love him to infinity and think of him every day several times a day. I look at his pictures at home and at work and just pray that he knows how much I love and miss him and pray he thinks we did the best we could when he was here. Sometimes I wonder if it was enough, was it to much... did we make the right decisions... Thinking of you always and loving you to the moon. I love you Kael


The Hammonds said...

What a priceless shirt!

Holly said...

I love that you made this shirt and that it has Kael's hand on it. :)

As far as knowing about all these websites. I do a lot of searching! lol I've known about My Forever Child for a long time and am an affiliate for them. Sue and I are good friends. She actually surprised me with a bracelet that I shared the pics of on the giveaway post. She sent it to the funeral home the night of the first visitation and I was just blown away. A lot of sites link to other sites too so you can find them that way.

I have a whole bunch of sites under my Helpful Links on my navigation bar.

debbie said...

I've seen your comments on Kendra's blog a few times and today I went and looked at Kael's name in the sand. What a great thing she does! I looked around a bit and then searched for Kael's name and I was overcome with emotion when I saw his name. How beautiful and what a sweet family you have. Love, Debbie

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