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Friday, September 26, 2014

How do you know.....

How do you know what's the right decision? When life gets so complicated and convulted how do you find the right path. So many decisions and choices some big, some small I wish there was a magic 8 ball with all of the answers. Speaking of hard questions.... How do you decide or know how to choose a church, how to talk to god, build that relationship? I've been trying to decide what's right... Right for me right for my kids what makes sense. I believe there is a god and I do my best to talk to him and build that relationship but I feel like I'm stuck! Shouldn't I feel something back? Shouldn't I know with out a doubt what's right? So many people have so many opinions I try to figure it out but nothing seems clear. It seems the harder I try the more confused I am. I am craving so bad to feel something to know what's out there. What is heaven? Is Kael happy there? What does he do all day? Can he see us? Does he know how much we love and miss him? Am I doing enough to be with him again someday? Its so frustrating to not know... To not have the answer and to not be able to know how to feel. So friends in the blog world do you have any advice? What works for you? What brings you peace? How do you know??


Anonymous said...

My advice is to try out different churches in your area, different denominations both by yourself and with the family. I think when the fit is right, you will know. I also don't think that your questions will be answered fully, it is about believing and the only one who can do that is you. If nothing else, just keep praying.

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

Wow! Loaded questions! I believe in a loving God who is our Father in Heaven. I believe in the promise of eternal families. I believe children who die are saved by grace. I believe with all my heart your son is happy and you will see your son again. Not only can he see you, but I believe he plays an active role in your life. Here is a short video from others of my faith who have lost loved ones that might comfort you:


I also love this article on grace, you don't have to be perfect just live in gratitude for Him:


I believe in our ability to receive an answer to our prayers. However, those answers come in the Lord's way and in His time frame. You can know without a doubt what is right for you, just keep praying! Live seeking His Spirit, He will send you answers, and you will be able to feel them. Everything will be okay. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Shauna said...

I came across your blog from another so we have never met but I was touched by your post.

I can see clearly from your posts that you are a wonderful mother and a loving family who is trying hard to raise a wonderful family. Continue to pray to your Father in Heaven. He hears you and he will answer your prayers. It can be a hard thing to make choices especially when all of the things are good. But with guidance from Heaven you will find what is best for your family.

I know that families are eternal and we can be together again someday. You can be with your beautiful children in heaven and finish raising them. The gospel is all about the family and there is not one without the other. Everything we do in the LDS faith is so we can be with our Father In Heaven and children for eternity.

I believe that your children are with you in spirit and watching over you everyday. They are apart of your life.

Continue to pray and the answers will come. The missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have many of the answers that you are looking for. They can teach you those answers and then you can have the opportunity to pray about them yourself to know if they are right.
Good luck and know that your Father in Heaven does know you and loves you very much.

Tesha Papik said...

Keep seeking, keep asking! God is there, He see your seeking! He will not let you down!...

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.I will be found by you," declares the LORD,Jeremiah 29:13.

I am praying that the Lord will lead you to the right church and you would find a community of people that will love and support you! I believe with my whole heart that Kael is happy in Heaven with Jesus, waiting to be reunited with his family! The most beautiful part about Jesus is that we do not have to work hard to get to him...He came to us! Jesus provides us a way to spend eternity with him... all we have to do is believe and seek him. You are doing that, find support from a local body of Christians that love Jesus and each other!

Please email me if you want to chat... teshapapik@yahoo.com

Praying for you!!!!

Melanie said...

I too have lost a baby. My son was stillborn at 20 weeks on January 22, 2014. My biggest comfort since losing him is knowing that I will be able to hold him again and raise him one day. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I would love to chat with you if you want, melanielynn0221@yahoo.com. I'm so sorry about your baby.

KW said...

Wow, lots of questions that I think we all wonder about sometimes. But I know without a doubt we have a loving God that knows YOU. Knows your heart, desire, wishes, and concerns. I also know that you will see Kael again and what a glorious day that will be. I know he will be happy to see you and so proud of his family. I sometimes struggle with knowing if I'm receiving answers to prayers but I need to remember that sometimes the answers come in quiet moments, in my children's thoughts, in tender mercies, through other people, friendships... I believe that's how he answers us. I could literally feel God's love carrying me through when I lost Ruby. I know we can't get through trials without His help. Without feeling that peace and comfort we need on hard days. Anyway, I'm rambling, but know that I love you and even though I don't have all the answers I am here to help. :)

Max said...

The Lord tells us we who are weary and heavy laden to come unto Him and He will give us rest. There is nothing equal to the peace He gives when we put Him first in our lives. Scripture tells us His love never fails and He will never leave us. I am a member of the Church of Christ. I would be glad to help in any way I can. God bless you and your family. Praying for you!

Lindsey said...

I, also am LDS, and I have a problem KNOWING all the time too. But heres what gets me through…Hope. I hope the path I have chosen will be right for me, for my family. I do have peaceful feelings and these I rely on a lot. I also know when I let God in my life, I am happy, so I keep persevering with hope. Good luck on your adventures. Don't give up even when you don't know.

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