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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Around here lately..

Time seems to go so quickly.. I know I say that all the time but it seems so real! Lots of things going on, the scouts did a rain gutter regatta. It was fun all the kids got to make sail boats and race them outside in rain gutters. It was really fun for everyone, we've had lots of doctors appointments for Tiara she is doing well and growing everyday. We sure love her, we bought Lagoon Season Passes and have been once our next planned date is for Stefons birthday. Tiara is almost walking, shes talking like crazy and has been quite the snuggle bug lately oh how I eat up those snuggles. The boys have been loving going on walks by the canal, playing at the park and enjoying friends. Sometimes I feel like I miss the little things so I wanted to stop and jot a few down. I love that we are staying busy but sometimes at night when all the fuss slows down I stop and take extra time to remember and think about Kael. I have been missing him so much lately, trying to dig within myself to feel closer to him, begging to feel something, wishing, hoping and praying that he is happy and safe and that he knows of our love for him. I am working on getting  closer with god, figuring out what that means for me. Its for sure not the same as for most but I am working hard each day to build a relationship, trying to understand more, praying for some sort of relationship with him. A good friend of mine told me pray, pray all day if you must, pray in the car with the radio down just start with prayer. So thats what I have done. I am trying to figure out what works best for me and helps me to understand and feel god more. One day at a time. I find myself snuggling up in Kaels blanket just praying for him, for me, for us, for the kids. One sweet day at a time!!


Chantel said...

Cute, cute pictures! We'd love to meet at Lagoon sometime!

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