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Saturday, October 19, 2013

cystic fibrosis...

I am sad to say little miss tiara is having her first impatient stay at primary children's. She is growing the rsv virus (rhinovirus) and some kind of flue virus. Because she has cystic fibrosis they are being extra careful and putting her on 2 iv ant ibiotics tomorrow she is getting a picc line so she doesn't have to be poked a million times. Shes having a very tough time breathing so she's on some oxygen and is quite miserable. I really hate seeing her this way. Her normal super haopy self is not so much present she's breaking my heart. Its days like today that made it apparent cystic fibrosis is a real thing and nut something to mess around with. If you have a spare minute will you pray for m y sweet baby? She could use all the love and prayers she can get. I love this sweet baby heres to hoping age will get better quick and be able to go home soon! !


Tesha Papik said...

Praying many prayers for your sweet princess until I hear she is safe at home!

KW said...

So glad she is home now, but what a scary thing. Many prayers still be sent her way!

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