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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pierced Ears...

Id been toying with the idea of piercing Tiara's ears since she turned 2 months old. It took me a while to decide where to take her and when I wanted to do it. Finally about 2 weeks ago I took her to South Town Mall to a place called Piercing Pagado. I liked it there because they had 2 girls do it at once so she wouldn't get so upset. We picked a pair of earnings that both Layne and I liked and went for it. It was so funny Tiara only cried for about 2 seconds then looked at the girls and started smiling so big. I am so in love with her earrings it make her look even girlier than she already was. This having a girl thing is so different but so much fun. I am so in love with this little princess. I am so thankful that she is part of our family and that we get her to love on. I sure feel lucky to have all the sweet kids that I do. One blessed mama right here!


Chantel said...

So cute!

Tesha Papik said...

Love it! She is so precious!!!

amyswor said...


Like you, I was anxious to have our daughters ears pierced early. When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to do it early after I dreamed seeing my baby girl with little earrings soon after birth. I discussed with hubby and he was okay with it.

After she was born, and I got her sweet little earrings, but I was on the fence when to do it after seeing her precious, tiny, perfect ears. The idea of piercing this beautiful little babies ears all of the sudden seemed like something I could NOT do. How could I hurt my little baby? However, after seeing more and more babies and little girls with cute little earrings, I began warming up to the idea of doing it as an infant.

Somewhere along the way I became one of those mamas who became all googly-eyed over other babies who had pierced ears saying how adorable they were. One day I put my diamonds in and held hers up to her ears in front of the mirror. She smiled and I knew it was time at two months.

I asked our ped and she encouraged me to go ahead and do it after her first DTP shot saying it was best when mommy could care for them during the healing period. She said if they cry, its because of being restrained or the noise of the piercing instrument near their ears, not any real pain. Also, she gave me some tips for moms having their dd’s ears pierced. They included how to find the right person, where to take her and some OTC meds to minimize any discomfort. We did her at two months old and she did great.

I had our dd pierced with some CZ’s in about the same size as my CZ studs and she looked adorable. She has so many compliments on sweet little earrings. I knew that I had made the right decision.

If there are other moms on the fence and need some info, then drop me an e-mail if you would like our ped’s recommendations.


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